Does the way you dress define you? ~ Break free from stereotypes & "Style your own way"

Does the way you dress define you? ~ Break free from stereotypes & "Style your own way"

Entering the new year facing our community’s challenges.

Does the way you dress define you? Yes. Probably. The way we dress reflects a part of ourselves, our style, our aesthetics, our current mood, our beliefs and culture. It portrays who we are or, better yet, who we want to be and how we want to present ourselves to the world.

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Picture: Julia Ahlberg


Sometimes, it reveals something about all of the aspects mentioned above, sometimes none. It may be that our clothing choices are just a coincidence and we are going through an experimental phase, as we grow up. Remember: change is continuous and people are constantly developing, thus changing habits and preferences.

David likes painting his nails. Does that define him? Yes. Does that identify him as a woman? Well, definitely no. Does it show aspects of his character like his focus on detail, his positive approach to self-care and his artistic touch in his personal styling? Yes, of course it does! Escaping stereotypes is a matter of significance when we approach more daring styles and unconventional personalities. It's only important that we identify them and avoid getting trapped in them.

Picture: Julia Ahlberg


I occasionally like the androgynus style in women. Fun fact: I wore a tie on New Year’s Eve! It made me feel ambitious, fancy, different and I did it because I simply had fun browsing a friend's closet! I just experimented and had fun mixing women’s and men’s clothes and accessories... You wouldn't believe how liberating this was!

Does the way you dress define you? Yes, it does indeed, but no more within the traditional gender boundaries. Unframe your style, skip society’s conventional definition of “male” and “female”, embrace diversity and style your own way!

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