Neonyt Berlin 2021 "on Air" - SHAREaLOOK's memories of 2020's exhibition

Neonyt Berlin 2021 "on Air" - SHAREaLOOK's memories of 2020's exhibition

One year ago we had the opportunity to visit Neonyt, an exhibition for fashion, sustainability and innovation.

SHAREaLOOK visits Neonyt Berlin, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation


Neonyt is a global community that brings to the foreground sustainable fashion by connecting people and brands, promoting solidarity, transparency and diversity in the fashion industry, while at the same time it provides inspiration and a path for open dialogue between designers, marketeers, entrepreneurs and people involved in fashion in any possible way!

SHAREaLOOK in Neonyt Berlin exhibition 2020


This year Neonyt went “on Air”, despite the social distancing setbacks, with numerous panel discussions and interviews on how to encourage more transparency and sustainability in the textile and fashion industry. The community was active on instagram and enjoyed the dialogues through the official Neonyt’s account live stream. 

Neonyt Berlin 2021 instagram live stream - panel discussions


It's such a relief to see innovative projects staying alive and narrowing down the distances using the tools and the virtual platforms available today. Nevertheless, we hope to see them all in person next year!

Check some of our highlights in this fantastic fair of fashion...

SHAREaLOOK in Neonyt Berlin 2020

Textiles in sustainable fashion, reduce waste, recycle clothes

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SHAREaLOOK trip to Neonyt Berlin, slow fashion exhibition, sustainability in fashion

change fashion, Neonyt Berlin exhibition 2020

Recycled Jeans, Recycled clothing, slow fashion Zurich

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