The Newbie in here - What is thrifting? What is THRIFTaLOOK?

The Newbie in here - What is thrifting? What is THRIFTaLOOK?

THRIFTaLOOK - Thrifting shop, secondhand clothes inspired by SHAREaLOOK


The term certainly sounds nice but what does it actually mean?


Hello everyone! Long story short, I am new in the thrifters area since I only recently got obsesed with sustainable fashion, so I shall admit I am not an expert, yet. However, since I work for a sustainable fashion company, I will learn more and share my constructive knowledge with you! But, let's start from the beginning: What does the term "thrifting" mean?

Secondhand clothes and shoes

Thrifting: to go shopping at a thrift store or flea market, where you can find gently used items at discounted prices. Thrifted items have been loved by previous owners, but they are not needed anymore. They are usually in good shape so they can be useful to a new owner. In this way, textile waste and CO2 emmisions for new clothing production get reduced, the consumers save money and, at the same time, they explore fashion trends in a more sustainable way!

So, thrifting basically means buying second-hand clothes, adopting a second-hand hunter's habits (clothes swapping can be one of them), being somehow a sustainability's advocate, like us! That being said, THRIFTaLOOK came to life with love and respect to the environment, the people, the art of fashion design and the value of sharing!

 SHAREaLOOK offers secondhand and preloved clothes, plans swap events and owns an esxclusive rental boutique in the center of Zurich

SHAREaLOOK is a startup mainly occupied in rental fashion, but our inventory piles up everyday in our stockrooms and even our own closets, so we came up with THRIFTaLOOK, to reach the potential matches and pair them with their destined preloved treasure... Your thrifted perfect match is coming to you soon, through our second-hand online shop. Your windowshopping is getting more conscious than ever -online, fast, locally, fun-.

Stay tuned for more!