SHAREaLOOK started as an online marketplace in 2019. In 2020 we took over the Rental Fashion Boutique KLEIHD in Zürich. Since then our community has grown more and more offline. Most of you prefer to come to the boutique, have a chat, and a lot of fun trying outfits. The connections we make in person and the way we share looks are 100% true to our mission to motivate people to buy less and share more. We, therefore, decided to focus on building a non-profit organization that enables you to meet and share clothing in small boutiques in your neighborhood. Starting 2023, we invite you to join KLEIHD as a member or volunteer to further grow the community.

More about KLEIHD
  • How to rent

    Book an appointmnet at the KLEIHD-Boutique in Zürich. Usually an outfit will cost you 60 - 100 CHF for 4 days, insurance and cleaning included.

  • Donations

    We take cocktail-dresses, gowns and special items in good conditions that you would like to give a second life to. Just drop us an email or meet us as the boutique.

  • Contact us

    You can always reach us via mail: info@sharealook.com , whatsapp, signal or call: +41787143309

  • Get active

    Become a member or volunteer and help us buid a sharing community. Get in touch info@kleihd.ch